Tops Article
Lester Lake - Marvelo!
So if you wish to know more about the chap on the cover, here's Percy Abbott pouring it into the dictaphone:
"It takes me back fifteen years ago. In other words it takes my memory back, for this is Lester Lake, also known as Marvelo.
"It was fifteen years ago at one of the I. B. M. conventions in Lima that I first made the acquaintance of Lester Lake. Our friendship has improved and become stronger through the years.
"Lester under his identity as Marvelo is widely known for his performances of the Burned Alive Illusion and, as far as I know, he is the originator of this illusion. He also features Buried Alive.
"Magicians the world over can be thankful to Lester for his many inventions in Magic. We, too, are deeply indebted to him for the reason that we have had the privilege of the exclusive rights to build some of his best features.
"We really believe that credit can be given to Lester for the introduction of the smaller type of illusion when he first introduced the Chinese Chopper and the Chopper Guillotine, followed by the famous Disecto which has been conceded to be the greatest small type illusion ever produced. Lester is responsible
for these illusions and as time went on, we saw how practical they were for the present-day performer and we began making illusions of the small type also.
"We consider Lester Lake an extremely clever performer. He not only performs Magic but he has other and varied arts at his finger tips sand painting and comedy of different types. He is 'tops' as a master of ceremonies and at our Get-Togethers when­ever we fall short or there is a lull, we always call on Lester and he always delivers. He can take charge of any type of show, M. C. a per­formance at a moment's notice and can always be relied upon to put over an act that is really worth while. He made quite a hit at last year's gathering at Colon when he presented Disecto, the Chinese Chopper and the Chopper Guillotine all in one act.
"Best of all, we look upon Lester Lake as a real friend. He is a real fellow and a Magi­cian that is a pleasure to know. He is a booster for Magic, and Magic is all the better for the interest he has in it.
"Now, Lester, you didn't know that your picture was going to be on this month's cover and naturally you'll be surprised to hear these things about you. Well, now you know what we think about you."