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Abbotts 3rd Get Together 1936

by the Colon Express

They came from North, South, East, West, and Canada to the third annual Get-Together at the plant of Abbott's Magic Novelty Co.

LaMar, the magician from Chilicothe, Ohio, was the first to arrive at noon on Thursday, closely followed by Alvin Richard Plough, manager of the Artists Bureau of Radio Station WLW, Cincinnati, accompanied by Stewart Judah and John Braun, also of Cincinnati, and from then on, magicians from everywhere kept on coming.

The Great Nicola, who has the biggest magic show in America, and recognized as the most traveled magician living, was present, accompanied by two members of his company.

An impromptu performance took place in the Abbott Magic Theatre Friday evening, and the following took part: Percy Abbott, Stewart Judah, John Braun, Lyman, Ed Little, and Mahendra. The last named gentleman created nothing less than a sensation with his uncanny mental feats.

Another performance was given outside the Abbott plant Saturday afternoon, under the direction of Lester Lake (Marvelo). The following acts appeared: George Paxton, Ed Little, Bob Gysel, Al Saal, John Skinta, Percy Abbott, F.W. Thomas, Dr. Zola, Jimmy Trimble, C.L. Breidenstein, Mahendra, and Dave Coleman.

There was magic everywhere. No matter what part of the plant you would go, you could find the art of deception in full progress.

Although the Abbott Magic Theatre had been enlarged, it was far too small for the big night show. Percy opened, and then handed the stage over to that capable Master of Ceremonies and Magical Entertainer, Sid Lorraine of Toronto, Canada. The order of the program was as follows: Bob Wedertz, Recil Bordner, Kathryn Elliott, George Paxton, Harry Cecil, Lyman, Sid Lorraine, Al Saal, Jimmy Trimble, Bob Gysel, and Lester Lake (Marvelo). Mrs. Percy Abbott, pianist, furnished the music for the performance, assisted by Miss Kathleen Carpenter.

Space does not permit giving a detailed description of each act; however, it was unanimously voted to be the "Tops" in every respect, the mystery and the comedy being well balanced.

Immediately after the show was over, a buffet lunch was served out-doors. And then again more magic here and there and everywhere, way into the small hours of the morning.

The Abbott show room was the center of attraction, and Percy and his staff were kept busy demonstrating their many features.

One hundred and twenty visitors stayed over Saturday night, and the Abbott plant was again the scene of much activity all through Sunday, the last of the visitors departing Monday noon, leaving Percy and his staff tired but extremely happy.

This third annual Get-Together proved beyond a shadow of a doubt the popularity of the Abbott Company with their friends and customers.

Prizes were given to LaMar for being the first visitor, and to R.D. Denbo for coming the greatest distance, 853 miles.

Abbott's Magic Novelty Co. is the largest manufacturer and dealer in magic in America, and it is the only magic company with complete modern work shops, printing plant, magic theatre and the largest magic show rooms any where.

Abbott's original made magic is supplied to magicians in all parts of the world, and through the activities of the Abbott Magic Novelty Co., Colon, Michigan is recognized as "The Magic Capital of the World".

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