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Whether you are a magician, amateur, or just someone who loves good magic this is the event for you and your family this summer. Many of the biggest names in magic will be participating including Joshua Jay, Losander, Outerbridge, Chris Mitchell, Shoot Ogawa, Pat Davison, Greg Gleason, John Shryock, George Schindler, and Fred Becker just to mention a few. In addition, some of the best magicians and entertainers under 25 years old will be performing at Tuesday's evening show including Matt Schick, Bill Cook, Timothy Cripe, Mabelle, and Trigg Magic! Find out more about these entertainers and many others at our Performers Page.

On Friday morning magicians will get a chance to perform in front of a real stage audience at our Talent Contest. They will work with our professional stage crew, the absolute best in the business, and compete for cash prizes in the same event where Franz Harary, Lance Burton, and Mac King participated as teens. Everyone is a winner because the experience you gain from performing in a magic competition is priceless!

2014 Performers Playlist


Guinness Record Attempt
added 10 Feb 2014

Guinness World Record Attempt This record is for the greatest number of magicians performing in the same magic show at a single venue. The current record, set by the Magic Circle in Germany in 2012, stands at 106. We know that Colon can bring the title home to America!

1. All participants must be professional magicians registered with an official magic association, such as The Magic Circle, SAM, IBM.

2. Each participating magician must perform at least one trick individually.

3. Each trick must last a minimum of one minute and be a complete trick with a beginning, middle and end.

4. The magic show must be given before a paying audience ($2 Per Tickets to the general public) in a recognised venue and last no longer than 3 hours.

Magicians Wanted - Click Here For More Info!

For more information on all the 77th Get Together events be sure to check out the Special Events Page.

12 Registrations Left For Closeup
added 14 Feb 2014

Max Maven At the time of this writing there are only 12 registrations still available for the 2014 Closeup Convention on March 14 and 15 so please, if you are planning on attending be sure to order your registration sooner than later. Our guest performers this year are Kainoa Harbottle and Max Maven!

For complete coverage including hundreds of pictures from past Closeup Convention visit our Closeup Page!

2014 Special Events
added 10 Feb 2014
Special Events

With the combined Get Together and Abbott 80th Birthday Party our Special Events is already the largest it has ever been with more special events than ever! Events range from the 25th Golf Classic to the First Guinness Record Attempt, from Street Magicians performing in the street to Graveyard Tours at the Cemetery, From Cardboard Boat Races to Friday Firework Shows.

Click on the picture above (or here) for the latest info these and all the events schedules for Aug 6-9 2014!

David Oliver Added to the Get Together
added 28 Feb 2014

David Oliver Among magicians, David Oliver is well-known for his former dove act, his world-class sleight-of-hand, his offbeat comedy and being a master of presenting classical magic in a contemporary manner. For twelve years, magicians have read David's product reviews in Genii Magazine, as well as other feature stories and articles he has written for Genii, MAGIC Magazine, M-U-M and others. His magic has been featured on the Discovery Channel, “The Early Show” on CBS, the Documentary Channel film "American Carny" and "ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." For 18 years, David Oliver has been a producer of and featured in Boston's only magic & comedy show, "The Mystery Lounge," and for the past 16 years, David Oliver has been the most requested guest performer in Broadway's longest-running magic show, "Monday Night Magic" in New York City. David and his magic have been featured in numerous magic periodicals and books, and he has lectured and performed at conventions around the U.S. His skills as a stage manager and director have been utilized by several conventions and variety shows as well.

For more information on all the 77th Get Together performers be sure to check out the Performers Page.

A Free Gift
added 10 Feb 2014

The Gift of Magic We at Abbott's wanted to do something special for our customers and friends on our 80th birthday and after a discussion with David Seebach, we came up with what we think is the perfect gift to celebrate our 80 years in magic. David has agreed to let us publish EVERY one of his "Subject Illusion" articles online. One hundred and four issues from 1970 thru 2011, no catch, nothing to buy, simply click here and enjoy one of the most treasured collections of magic articles by one author ever.

George Schindler Ventorama
added 10 Feb 2014

George Schindler Abbott's is pleased to announce that George Schindler will be hosting the Ventorama at the 77th Get Together. George (and friends) takes you step by step through the basics of ventriloquism and demonstrates everything along the way. You do not need a puppet! You do not need any special equipment or talent to do this, and the entire family can learn and be entertained at the same time. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to add a touch of fun to their act!

For more information on all the 77th Get Together events be sure to check out the Special Events Page.

John Jansky Added to the Get Together
added 14 April 2014

John Jansky A special "suprise" treat will take place on the Wednesday evening show when speed painter John Jansky will paint live on stage the portrait of a famous magician. The painting will be auctioned off Saturday. All we can tell you about the Magician he is going to paint is that he is a past Get Together performer (You can see a list of candidates at All Time Get Together Data Base). Shown here is a picture of Houdini that was done by John.

For more information on all the 77th Get Together performers be sure to check out the Performers Page.

Kayla Drescher Added to the Get Together
added 20 Feb 2014

Kayla Drescher Kayla Drescher, a rising star in the Boston magic scene, provides hilarious and clean magic that will leave the Colon audience with a life-time of memories. Her award-winning magic incorporates expert sleight-of-hand, music, theater and audience participation. As David Copperfield’s choice as, “The Next Great Magician”, you can trust that she will help make Abbott's Get Together one they will never forget. Her acolades are vast for someone at such a young age. Kayla performed to a sold-out crowd of one-thousand at the Tribecca Performing Arts Theater for the annual "Salute to Magic" Show in New York City. She was twelve. After graduating college in 2012 wih a degree in science and theater education, Kayla has pursued her passion for magic as a career. In March of 2012, she was honored to appear on NBC's "Today Show" as one of three finalists in David Copperfield's "Search for the Next Great Magician". Copperfield chose Kayla as the winner. Kayla continues to push the limitations of reality and create a show that is entertaining and memorable. She has performed around the world, bringing her love for music, dance, theater, and magic into one unforgetable experience.

For more information on all the 77th Get Together performers be sure to check out the Performers Page.

Curly's Closeup Update
added 10 Feb 2014

Curlys Closeup Contest Curly's is back, and with it the 23rd Curly's Closeup Contest will take on a new meaning as the event will take place in the new building. As many of you know, the original Curly's building burned down in 2013 (the closeup contest continued in 2013 using a temporary location), but has been rebuilt and it is a beautiful building that now wraps around the corner of mainstreet.

Minnesota magician Tru DiCanzo once described the Curly's Closeup Contest as follows. "This was unlike any magic contest I've seen before - The Curly's Classic is like the wrestling cage match of magic. It's one of the most challenging performance situations in the middle of a bar with the noise of video games, and pool tables."

For more information on all the 77th Get Together events be sure to check out the Special Events Page.

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